BuzzFeed Pushes 'Tasty' Network, Custom Brand Vids At NewFront

At BuzzFeed's "Welcome to the Feast" NewFront Monday, the new media company pitched advertisers to sponsor its shows, integrate with its content or create their own BuzzFeed-style videos.
The company also mentioned an opportunity to work with its partner NBCUniversal, which invested $200 million in BuzzFeed last year. 

One hot topic at the NewFront was Tasty, a food network i launched last August. The network has caught on -- getting billions of views weekly and expanding to the U.K., Brazil, France, Germany and Latin America. Two offshoots -- Tasty Happy Hour and Tasty Junior -- have launched, too. 

"The format is just the way in," said Ze Frank, president of BuzzFeed motion pictures. "We're constantly looking for opportunities to understand the audience better and work with partners." Tasty Happy Hour and Tasty Junior are two offshoots of the series. 
Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed founder and CEO, took the stage and mentioned his sister, comedian Chelsea Peretti, who he said often talked about her standup material and how she could better connect it to the audience.

BuzzFeed's focus is connecting with the audience and helping the audience connect with each other, Peretti said, as well as scaling out audience feedback across mobile and platforms. 

Here are some numbers from the presentation:

-The brand got 2.8 billion monthly content views a year ago. Today, it gets more than 7 billion monthly content views. 

- 75% of content is consumed offsite and on other platforms across the Web.
- BuzzFeed's site gets 200 million monthly unique visitors per month.
- The viral story about a dress (is it blue and black or white and gold?) got 32 million views, and a recent Facebook Live video of BuzzFeed staff blowing up a watermelon got 800K concurrent live views.

BuzzFeed stars from "The Try Guys" and "Broke" made pitches to the audience. To wrap things up, BuzzFeed president Greg Coleman showed the social analytics for a Tasty video released at 9 a.m. the morning of the NewFront. By 1 p.m., the video had received 8.3 million views and 75,000 shares, Coleman said. 

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