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Facing Facebook, Google And Amazon, Brands Pool Their Data

Brands need to scale in order to compete with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon. One step they're taking is to pool their data, according to MarketingLand. "The competitive angst of giving your treasured customer data to competitors and potential competitors — even when it is anonymized and grouped into segments — is exceeded by the need to know what your visitors/customers are doing elsewhere." The pooled data can help target and retarget customers to understand what they're interested in buying, when they’re ready to buy and to identify which devices are owned by individuals or households. Pooling proprietary data may help brands compete more effectively. In March, Adobe launched its Cross-Device Co-op, which uses logged-in data — contributed by publishers and retailers — to discover the common devices owned by given users or households, so that marketing can continue from laptop to smartphone to tablet, and eventually to other devices.



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