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The Truth About Cross-Device Data Quality

John Dempsey, senior director of mobile, Oracle Data Cloud, at Oracle writes in AdExchanger that a better way to talk about data quality is to acknowledge that everything is probabilistic. "Any single observed link can be thought of as a fact – sure, that email was seen logging in to that device at that time – but not all facts are true." In fact, Dempsey writes: "'Deterministic' isn’t the same as 'true.'" He maintains that the industry has reduced cross-device accuracy to a single question: “How many of your IDs are deterministic and how many are probabilistic?” "Unfortunately, this attempt to quantify accuracy is based on the flawed assumption that any link that is directly observed is 100% correct. So-called 'deterministic' links come from users who have logged in to a device – a straightforward concept that’s become the industry shorthand for high-quality matching. But a login doesn’t always tell the truth."



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