DoubleVerify Receives Fourth Consecutive Certification From Media Measurement Expert ABC

As the digital advertising industry grapples with ad fraud and blocking, ad-tech firm DoubleVerify on Wednesday announced that it received its fourth consecutive content quality certification from U.K.-based ABC, a media measurement firm. The certification extends the use of DoubleVerify’s content verification (CV) real-time impression quality ad-blocking product.

The product aims to ensure that online display and video ads are only delivered on the type of content approved by the advertiser, both at the site and page level.

"Being validated by leading media certification authorities like the ABC further solidifies the DoubleVerify commitment to digital transparency and quality. Independent 3rd party measurement is critical to building the trust and transparency that are necessary to building a better industry," Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify, told Real-Time Daily via email.

Simon Redlich, chief executive of ABC, stated that “DoubleVerify’s commitment to independent testing to industry standards demonstrates its willingness to provide transparency, as well as confidence in the product’s ability to minimize risk of ad misplacement.”

The DV Impression Quality suite aims to offer brand safety, fraud protection and ad impression delivery in market with a specific set of fraud-detection capabilities to protect advertisers from serving ads in environments that don’t meet their desired criteria.

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