Class Clowns: Horizon Launches Improv Course

Horizon Media is introducing YesAND@Horizon, an improv comedy class created by its own employees to help their coworkers tell better stories, communicate better and feel more confident in front of others. 

The program was created and is spearheaded by Alison Joseph, TrendSights Strategist, WHY Group, and Chelsea Ramsey, Brand Strategist, and is offered twice a month; each class is 90 minutes long. 

The project is currently running in Horizon's NY office with plans to introduce it to Los Angeles in the near future. 

The desired outcome is to get folks to step out of their corporate personas a little bit, access their creative sides, tap into “group mind” mentality, and learn how to react on the fly. "All of this arms our employees with the skills they need to thrive in presentations and to work well with a group/team," says the agency. 



The agency first piloted YesAND@Horizon with its most recent “Media 101” Class – a course that integrates new employees into the Horizon Media ecosystem and exposes participants to the media planning and buying process. The original concept grew from Horizon’s invention group, helmed by Chief Invention Officer Taylor Valentine that is designed to serve as a launch pad for new products, platforms, and ways to recruit and motivate employees, among other activities.  

“After the success of the pilot class, we knew YesAND@horizon was a viable program that would undoubtedly benefit our employees across multiple areas including collaboration, public speaking, communicating, storytelling and engaging an audience,” says Ramsey. “It’s quite remarkable to see how improvisation skills translate so well into the day-to-day tasks of agency life.”


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