Wyndham Transforms Image Across 16 Brands

Wyndham Hotel Group partnered with global branding firm Siegel+Gale to undergo a brand transformation. The company will upgrade technologies, amenities, programs, marketing campaigns and partnerships for all 16 brands.

Lisa Checchio, VP of brand marketing at Wyndham Hotel Group, declined to put a price tag on the huge undertaking, but said the "substantial investment" in the 8,000 hotels project ranges from Wyndham Grand to Days Inn.

"More people are traveling than ever before, and it's being fueled by a growing middle class and Millennial traveler," Checchio said. "We positioned Travel Lodge, for example, as a base camp for adventure."

Travel and tourism is expected to rise from $7.1 trillion to $11 trillion during the next decade as the global middle class more than doubles from 2 billion to 4.9 billion, according to Wyndham.

Findings from research that began 18 months ago reveal that 50% of the Travel Lodges in the U.S. are located outside a national park. Wyndham partnered with the National Parks Association touting a simple tagline of "Go" in display banners online and in trade publications.



The survey results by Siegel+Gale will drive how Wyndham redefines what Checchio calls "brand promises."

"This is a good opportunity to bring personality to economy and mid-scale hotels," Checchio said.

The survey compiles insights from 5,000 travelers, as well as franchise owners and employees, to analyze more than 50 custom attributes. There are key decision drivers -- décor and technology  to food and beverage -- that reveal why guests choose hotels and accommodations.

Daniel Golden, senior director of strategy at Siegel+Gale, said results provide an "outside-in" view, showing that guests don't view the hospitality category similar to the way industry insiders view it.

The data also helps Wyndham hone its search strategy and redesign its Web site for each brand, set to launch in early July. The sites will become more experiential with storytelling and less about transactional efforts.

Wyndham will work with agencies such as Navigant Marketing in Miami; PI&C Marketing, and CY&N in New York; Giants & Gentlemen in Toronto; and Brigade in Massachusetts.

Siegel+Gale also worked with Wyndham on positioning the hotel brands.

Checchio calls the Wyndham Rewards program the "blue thread that ties all the brands together."

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