CRM Data Increases Email Marketing ROI

Emarsys CRM Ads adds a new feature to the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud that enables marketers to leverage CRM, purchase and cross-channel behavioral data in digital advertising campaigns. Emarsys provides cloud-based marketing software for B2C brands that helps brand marketers better target consumers based on customer data and behavior.

Utilizing Emarsys CRM Ads, Emarsys customers can now retarget digital advertising across Google search, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Marketing aligns cross-channel and advertising text changes and optimized for each individual customer.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a central depository of contact information where businesses can manage their customer and account information. When companies store CRM data in the cloud, they can then leverage the customer information for lead generation and digital advertising campaigns.

CRM platforms also help marketers track what stage in the digital life cycle a customer is currently in, and what may be needed to be done to entice the customer to make a purchase. Additional benefits include better personalization and more targeted email marketing outreach.

Although many CRM systems come with a price tag involved, CRM technology actually increases the ROI of marketing campaigns. CRM gives an average return on investment of $8.71 for every $1 dollar spent, according to a 2014 Nucleus Research study.

Global CRM use is also on the rise, according to analyst firm Gartner. CRM software spend increased 12.3% over the past year from $23.4 billion in 2014 to $26.3 billion in 2015 according to the study. Salesforce is currently the market leader in terms of revenue accrued from CRM software and also witnessed the largest jump year-over-year compared to CRM competitors SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe.


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