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Google Bullish On VR, But Has Long Way To Go

Virtual reality has taken center stage at the Cannes Lions as an emerging technology even if it's at an early stage in its evolution. However, Google executives argue that broader access on smartphones could encourage mass adoption. While many people still don't know what virtual reality is, the technology allows a person wearing a customized device over their eyes to see images that appear real. "For example, a person wearing a VR device can feel as if they are in a street in Paris or flying a spaceship--without leaving their home. Media companies and advertisers are exploring how they can take advantage of the more realistic video experience," according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  At an event at Cannes on Wednesday, Google released its first-ever ranking of YouTube’s 360-degree ads, which collectively have generated 20 million views on YouTube. Google has already distributed five million Google Cardboard devices through which to view VR content.



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