Innovid Furthers Partnership With IAS, Adding Real-Time Fraud Blocking

Viewability and fraud measurement firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Innovid have enhanced their partnership to protect campaigns that run on Innovid’s video platform from fraud. 

Innovid clients can now block ads from being served fraudulently in real time, adding an actionable facet to their reporting capabilities. The previous relationship focused on measuring fraud across the Innovid platform.

“Digital advertising fraud is a big problem that haunts the entire ad industry, and we believe it’s our responsibility to address marketers’ concerns in the most seamless way possible,” stated Innovid's SVP of product, Ronnie Lavi. 

According to IAS, around 10% of all video inventory over the past quarter was placed to fraudulent bots.

IAS’ blocking technology impedes video ads from being served on pages that are either in the wrong geographic location, are fraudulent or contain hazardous content. With video ad spend on desktop expected to hit $6.33 billion in 2017, such safeguards will impact returns on campaigns.



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