Singapore Press Holdings Hires Grapeshot To Improve Contextual Targeting Capabilities

Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) has hired Grapeshot as its targeting and contextual categorization solutions provider.

Through the relationship, SPH aims to improve its English-language inventory and provide advertising options to its clients that are more relevant to their varied audiences.

Grapeshot’s technology includes algorithms that can digest a site’s core editorial content, analyze whether ads are being placed in suitable locations, and find additional appropriate sites and pages for a client's advertising.

“For example, lifestyle brands are no longer limited to lifestyle pages within a Web site,” stated  Chris Pattinson, SVP of Grapeshot Asia Pacific. “Grapeshot’s lifestyle keyword segments include pages with relevant content even if they are not hosted on a site’s lifestyle section.”

Additionally, Grapeshot offers customized targeting in 30 languages, 10 of which are particularly relevant to SPH and the APAC region.



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