Ubimo Partners With Cuebiq For Real-Time Location Intelligence

Ubimo, a mobile marketing platform, announced a partnership with Cuebiq, a location intelligence platform at the Mobile Marketing Association CEO and CMO conference. Through the partnership, Ubimo will offer customers real-time intelligence and optimization options on its platform.

Ubimo customers will be able to understand not only which campaigns perform well, but which placements or publishers are driving more traffic, locations audiences are going to, and the ability to adjust specific placements in real time.

“You can see if increased traffic is coming from a specific publisher or location, or a moment when users are out and about. We can match it to 25 data points that we’re looking at,” says Antonio Tomarchio, Cuebiq’s CEO.

Cuebiq has integrated its SDK into a number of apps, which provides a continuous flow of location information from an extremely wide user base. Partnering with Ubimo means that that data doesn’t need to be aggregated and delivered after a campaign has run its course.



“Programmatic is always about efficiency and data,” says Ubimo CEO Gilad Amitai. “With most solutions in the market, the data is aggregated but not real-time, and it’s not actionable.”

The real-time in-store traffic conversion reporting is in beta and will be accessible to Ubimo platform clients in September.

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