Boomtrain Acquires Nudgespot, Launches Boomtrain Messenger

AI-powered marketing company Boomtrain announced the acquisition of Nudgespot on Wednesday, premiering a new messaging platform for more personalized communication. 

Now in Beta, the Boomtrain Messenger platform for B2C marketers can capture engagement metrics and behaviors that can be used for future targeted messages. 

Boomtrain Messenger is derived from Boomtrain’s acquisition of Nudgespot, an India-based company that was previously a Boomtrain partner. No financial details were disclosed at the time of announcement.

Nudgespot is an in-app messaging service that helps businesses communicate with their customers, and has added multichannel functionality and event-tracking capabilities. When combined with Boomtrain’s artificial intelligence, Boomtrain Messenger gives marketers the flexibility of bi-directional communication with customers. 



“Popular tools like chatbots and individual chat apps are typically based on one-directional communication, and provide a very limited view of the customer,” states Nick Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Boomtrain, adding that the platform will enable "bi-directional conversations at the right time and with the right context.”

Boomtrain Messenger can be deployed within Boomtrain’s Marketing Engine and it is also compatible with any existing marketing platform. 

The acquisition of Nudgespot is also well-placed for Boomtrain’s expansion into APAC countries. Nudgespot’s offices in Bangalore, India will remain active as the teams collaborate to ramp-up Boomtrain Messenger’s capabilities during its Beta testing phase.

Digital advertising spend in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at double the rate of North America, according to a recent study by Strategy Analytics. While North American ad spend is expected to rise 9.6% to $59.5 billion in 2016, APAC countries are expected to overtake that growth with a 18.2% growth to $59.7 billion.


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