Pixel Union Releases Self-Service Ad App For Online Merchants

Pixel Union, a Canada-based digital design agency, announced the release of a new app on Shopify this week called Pixelpop that allows online merchants to create and manage an variety of popups, promos and banners for their stores online.


The self-service app will help merchants design small semi-in-house popups that will hopefully engage consumers and lead to increased sales, without disrupting their experience with a drastically different design.

Shopify is an ecommerce solution that lets people set up an online store to sell their goods.

“We've worked closely with the merchants that use our Shopify themes to build and grow their online businesses, and we've witnessed the challenges they face to create simple popups that fit their storefronts," stated Ben Moore, CEO of Pixel Union.

The popups will allow users to preview what the ads will look like on various devices — and make announcements, promote pages and collections, advertise coupon offers and capture email signups. Pixel Union also makes a variety of Shopify themes.

Pixelpop is currently available on a 14-day unlimited free trial to any Shopify merchant that signs up through the Shopify App Store.



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