Commentary Launches Data Pipeline For Real-Time Analytics

There’s been a lot of news lately about data management plaforms (DMPs) and marrying first-party with third-party data, and other data marriages. is the latest company to wax prophetic about data and audience insights. It provides both for digital publishers and brands. It has something called Data Pipeline, a live stream of user- and event-level data that’s structured for analysis and real-time data-engineering projects.

Unlike Lotame’s new product, which targets large enterprises, this one is targeting publishers. says its customers include sites like The Telegraph, Mashable, Slate, and Condé Nast. said its Data Pipeline was created in response to a demand for direct access to data for engineers, analysts, and data scientists. The real-time infrastructure builds upon’s dashboard and API offerings, which gather and process billions of user events per month.

Like the Lotame offering, this one aims to help in-house data and analytics teams. It's for companies that want to do some analysis in-house, versus outsourcing all of it.'s product offers users access to historical raw data, as well as real-time data via streaming data. The company said its data formats integrate with open-source data analysis stacks, like R, Python, Pandas, Hadoop, and Spark.

The advantage, the company said, is that customers can use first-party data about their audience to gain deeper insights into user segments, campaign tracking, device segmentation, and more. said that a company’s existing business intelligence tools, such as Looker or Tableau, can easily plug in to this data to visualize and share custom analyses of every user action and event.

There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more of these kinds of tools in the near term.

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