Rio Olympics Grab Major Share Of Top Ad Categories

In the last two weeks, NBC’s Rio Olympics has garnered nearly half of the total national TV revenue of many top ad categories.

NBC has pulled in 52% of all automotive national TV spending over the past 14 days, August 5 to August 18, for the Rio Games -- $168.2 million out of $323.5 million, according to The top auto advertiser for the Olympics so far is Chevrolet at $34.9 million.

Insurance companies have spent $78.4 million on the Olympics -- 40.5% of their average total national TV spend during the two-week period of $193.8 million. GEICO is the top insurance marketer at $35.5 million.

Movie companies are investing, on average, 48% of their total national TV spending on the Rio Olympics -- $69.8 million out of $145.5 million. Universal Pictures has spent $16 million during the Olympics.



Banks/credit cards are at 67% -- with $51 million going into the Rio Games out of $76.1 million in total national TV spending for the two-week period. Visa is the top Olympic marketer in this category at $26.4 million.

Wireless phone services are at the lower end in share among all ad categories when it comes to the Rio Olympic versus all national TV -- 35% -- $45.8 million out of $129.2 million. T-Mobile is the top wireless marketer at $19.7 million.

The Restaurants/Quick Service category had 32% of its national TV dollars going to the Rio Games -- $42.9 million versus $134 million. McDonald's has spent $19.6 million in the Olympics so far.

For electronic/communication devices, Samsung Mobile has dominated the category with $32.9 million versus $33.0 million overall for the Olympics. Apple’s iPhone is well behind, spending $1.1 million in the Olympics.

The category represents 67% of national TV spending during the period on the Olympics -- $33. million out of $49.4 million.

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