Centralized Buying Key To Cross-Channel Success

Targeting and reaching users on whichever device they may be on at a given time is increasingly the norm in the programmatic advertising practice.

The various types of ad units, on desktop or mobile, whether banner or video, present a number of problems when it comes to targeting customers effectively.

“Customers need to develop consistent messaging across platforms. To do so, they have to plan ahead and focus on the various creatives that may be included in a particular campaign,” said Matheus Barros, co-founder and CEO of CUBOCC at MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider Summit on Tuesday.

When asked about issues of frequency and relevancy in an ecosystem with so many touch points, panelists in the “Programmatic Video: Building and Buying the Shareable Story” discussion touted the importance of focusing buying on as few DSPs as possible.

“Centralized buying is important for brands to ensure messaging is consistent and that frequency doesn’t get out of hand,” said Evan Barocas, director of display advertising at PointIt. “If you’re using five DSPs, things may not go as planned.”

Nevertheless, Barocas notes that in the programmatic space you always have to expect to veer off the expected plan, “I like to use the Bob Ross approach -- there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”



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