Deep-Linking Emails Offers Opportunity To Engage With Mobile Audiences

Branch, a linking platform for mobile app marketing, launched a new tool on Tuesday that connects email marketing directly to mobile applications for a faster, streamlined marketing experience.

Branch has launched two new linking solutions for mobile marketers, Journeys and Deep Linked Email.

Branch’s Journeys Web to App Marketing application integrates the online and mobile experience by targeting mobile Web browsers for mobile app installs with tracking and performance analytics, while Branch’s Deep Linked Email allows marketers to directly link in-app content to email marketing messages.

On the Internet, deep linking describes a hyperlink that connects directly to a specific piece of content, such as a sign-up page or visualization on a Web site. Its precision marks its difference from general hyperlinking, which connects to a home page as opposed to a specific landing page. 



Getting mobile users into the app instead of a mobile Web page has always been a big challenge, but driving them from an email to a specific page in the app becomes even more challenging. So, the platform offers an automatic link generator. The links direct subscribers to a mobile application to drive engagement. 

For theCHIVE’, the platform drives about 40% of email clicks to the company’s mobile application.

Branch provides support for Sailthru and Oracle Responsys, but the company says it plans to expand to more ESP partners in the near future.

This is especially critical, considering that a majority of emails today are opened on a mobile device. On average, 68% of emails were opened on a mobile device during 2015 according to a Movable Ink analysis of 6 billion emails sent that year. Fifty-five percent of emails sent this year have been opened on a mobile device, according to email testing company Litmus.

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  1. Scott Allan from Pure Oxygen Labs, August 25, 2016 at 8:55 a.m.

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