Sasquatch Sighting: Downed Power Lines

Puget Sound Energy is using humor and clay animation to raise awareness about potentially dangerous electric and gas situations.

Developed with agency DNA and Portland, Oregon-based animation shop House Special, the Sasquatch spot shows the furry character shrieking when it sees a downed power line while out walking in the forest. He promptly pulls out a cell phone to report it. 

Another spot features a dog and a groomer raising their noses to indicate a rotten egg smell which is meant to educate viewers about gas leaks.

The campaign is running on TV in the Seattle DMA, digital video (pre-roll) and Facebook video. In one week, Sasquatch has already received more than 58,000 views and Dog Groomer has attracted more than 160,542 views.



These spots are designed to recognize Puget Sound's Northwest roots. The clay animators incorporated several notable background elements to make it feel familiar to the local marketplace, including using Pacific Northwest icon Sasquatch. 

This campaign is an extension of an effort launched earlier this year. The similarly animated "Happy to Help" effort was designed to focus people's attention on their utility bills.

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