Mother Gives Its Favorite NYC Barber Shop A Makeover

Mother New York is lending a hand to one of its favorite neighborhood shops, John's Barbershop, located in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square.

The agency is replacing the barbershop decor, specifically the cheesy, aged posters and dated head shots, with new photos using its own employees. The images will also be uploaded to stock photo sites, where they will be made available. 

"We'd often remark that the photography in his window could use an update,” says project leader Chris Roan, director of business development, Mother New York. “And since we have this incredible pool of creative talent at Mother with an eye -- and hair -- for style, we found ourselves in a unique position to lend a hand to one of our favorite shops.

"We think these images celebrate the spirit of the city and our agency, and they gave John's a fresh new look."



Mother hopes to refresh other barbershops in the city in the near future. 

While the employees didn't get their hair done for the shoot -- a hairstylist was brought on to help -- the cuts are all ones that John offers, representative of his style and aesthetic. That was the case with most old-school barbershop glamour shoots. 

This project follows Mother's unique Mother's Day campaign, which featured billboards around the city showing their own real-life moms giving motherly advice. 

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