Google Analytics Mobile App Gets Automated Insights

Google Analytics App now offers a new stream of automated insights from data already in the platform to make data accessible and useful.

The feature -- released Friday, and which runs on Android and iOS devices -- allows marketers to see in five minutes what typically took hours to discover after combing through the numbers.

It uses machine learning to take raw data and turn it into nuggets of comprehensible information. 

Google Analytics already tracks the information, but now the platform pulls out key insights, so marketers don't need to do the work, and makes it available on the Assistant screen.

"Machine intelligence" per Google, helps to find critical insights among the thousands of metric and dimension combinations reported in Google Analytics, providing meaningful insights and recommendations by automatically analyzing and pulling out the important data.

Ajay Nainani, product manager, Google Analytics, explains these insights, which learn over time and react to the marketers feedback, offers quick tips and details on a user's data from campaigns to take quick action.



Nainani uses this example of what happens during the holiday season, when sales drive a major portion of revenue for retailers. Marketers and merchandisers use the data to determine the popular products for the season to determine where they should advertise. What products has a 20% rise in sales last week or how many users did the site have in the past month. It can take days to answer just one of those questions.




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