Matomy Launches myDSP, Self-Serve Demand-Side Platform

Global media company Matomy announced Wednesday the release of its myDSP service, a new self-serve demand-side platform that consolidates the steps marketers
take to launch an ad campaign.

“We realized that there was a gap between current DSP offerings and what media buyers actually need. Leveraging the insight of our internal teams and clients, we took the MobFox DSP to the next level to give media buyers granular control and flexibility so that they can customize and adapt media campaigns in real time,”” said Ofer Druker, Matomy’s CEO.

myDSP contains a number of features geared toward optimizing campaign performance:

  • Direct access to 40,000+ publishers

  • Granular control over targeting options and media sources, including creatives, carriers and placements

  • Micro-bidding feature that allows buyers to apply varied CPM bids throughout a single campaign

  • Comprehensive reporting suite designed to set up a campaign in five steps, with real-time control

myDSP joins Matomy’s suite of programmatic solutions including mobile ad platform MobFox, video ad platform Optimatic and the recently announced holistic mobile advertising agency mtmy.

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