Matomy Launches Mobile Performance Agency To Address Cross-Channel Optimization

Global media company Matomy Media Group on Wednesday announced the launch of mtmy, a mobile-focused full-service ad agency set to leverage Matomy’s data-management platform targeting capabilities and cross-channel optimization to help advertisers increase return of investment on ad spend.

The new agency will generate data on app-specific user behavior and apply these insights across multiple channels. The goal is to optimize audience targeting between channels, identifying the lifetime value of customers. The cross-channel integration of marketing activities is also intended to maximize return on investment for real-time bidding ad buys and streamline the process of working with multiple media partners.

Matomy recently announced a strategic investment plan to streamline its operations, technology, and product development with an emphasis on mobile, video, and programmatic media trading. The company said the launch of mtmy represents Matomy’s commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and follows the company’s expansion into China, Korea, and the West Coast of the U.S. earlier this year.



“Both mobile and programmatic advertising are growing rapidly. As marketers buy programmatic ads across multiple platforms, it’s becoming critical for advertisers to reach and engage with their users across these different channels, at every stage of the customer journey,” Sagi Niri, COO of Matomy, told Real-Time Daily via email.

Niri noted that Matomy’s 2016 strategic investment plan underscores a focus on the company’s capabilities in mobile, social, video, and programmatic media and using its strengths in behavioral targeting, creative, programmatic technologies, analytics, and cross-channel optimization.

On July 6, Matomy Media Group Ltd. disclosed its strategic plan and revenue projections for 2016, which are in the range of $265 million to $300 million. Adjusted EBITDA is projected to be in the range of $17 million to $21 million. The company expects to generate about 38% of its revenues in Q1 2016 from mobile-related revenues vs. 30% for fiscal year 2015; 40% of its revenues in Q1 2016 from video-related activity; and 77% of its revenues in Q1 2016 from programmatic media. 

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