Keller Fay Offers Offline/Online Social-Media TV Measure

Word-of-mouth researcher Keller Fay Group is debuting a new social media tracking system -- TotalSocial for TV -- that will include offline conversations about TV shows.

Many social media researchers already measure online social media content about TV programs. CBS will be the first client using the new system, which begins this fall.

Keller Fay Group says only by measuring both offline and online word of mouth can networks and advertisers understand what is driving viewer tune in and engagement.

TotalSocial for TV will also offer a methodology comparing offline and online conversations; measuring sentiment for TV program conversations, online and offline; and “diagnostic analysis services that goes beyond volumetric ratings.”

David Poltrack, chief research officer of CBS and president of CBS Vision, stated that the new Keller Fay effort will show TV programs’ “true social currency.”

For nearly a decade, Keller Fay, whose parent company is Engagement Labs, has worked with TV networks to provide offline conversation insights.



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