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U.K. Consumers Seem To Think Advertising Is Getting Worse

A new study by Adobe finds that U.K. consumers are among the most critical when it comes to online advertising. The study found that "27% of U.K. consumers believe digital ads have ‘got worse’ over the past three years. This is ahead of France on 22%, the U.S. on 20%, and Germany on 18%. Meanwhile, more than half (54%) of people in the U.K. would describe online advertising as ‘ineffective’, compared to 52% in Germany, 51% in France, and 43% in the U.S.," according to a report in Marketing Week. "The results suggest marketers need to pay much more attention to the type and volume of ads they are showing U.K. consumers. For video ads, half (50%) said they would stop watching an ad entirely if it was not skippable, again ahead of other markets, while 74% said they ‘try to skip ads as soon as possible’. And when it comes to display advertising, the U.K. consumer was found to be ‘most unwilling’ (at 63%) to watch ads that pop-up after a link is clicked, ahead of France on 59% and Germany on 46%. Ads that are ‘annoying’ was the main reason (at 51%) U.K. consumers gave for using ad blocking software, ahead of the volume of ads and concerns around malware and security."

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