Cydersoft Bolsters Fraud Detection Product Line With Real-Time Capabilities

Cydersoft, a mobile video advertising firm, announced on Friday the release of a real-time fraud-prevention module. The new product is being added to the VideMob line, which uses machine learning to detect fraudulent traffic.

VideMob now offers real-time 24/7 monitoring of 100% of a client’s traffic with timely reporting.

“Our anti-fraud solution analyses more than 5 billion daily requests with up to 1.5 million queries per second,” stated Semion Rotshtein, CEO at Cydersoft.

In the six months pre-launch, VideMob found 46% of its clients’ mobile video ad traffic to be fraudulent or invalid. Of all the fraudulent traffic, 73.9% was blocked in real time, with the remaining 26.1% detected from the workflow at the impression level.  

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