Oracle And Radius Join Forces To Optimize B2B Leads

Predictive marketing company Radius released its B2B solution to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace on Monday, supporting account-based marketing.

Radius offers a B2B predictive marketing platform that provides analytic and cross-channel marketing tools powered by data science. With its new integration to Eloqua, Oracle’s B2B marketing automation platform, Oracle marketers can now plan predictive-based campaigns around their existing customers in Eloqua as well as find and add new prospects from Radius to Eloqua.

The core of Radius’ offer lies in its Business Graph, a real-time database of more than 50 billion attributes from 18 million US-based companies. Data available includes customer and account information such as company demographics, social media use, buying intent indicators, recent trigger events and information on a company’s technology stack. 



Brands can also target lookalike audiences that mirror their best-performing customers, which can be directly added to cross-channel campaigns in Eloqua, Salesforce and Facebook Custom Audiences, among others.

"Today's marketer relies on Oracle Marketing Cloud to manage their marketing campaigns and to convert prospects to customers. Combining Radius predictive analytics expertise with Oracle Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to make smarter, faster decisions that drive revenue and growth,” states Mark Woollen, chief product officer at Radius.

Radius’ integration with Eloqua helps Oracle marketers improve sales and marketing efficiency by focusing resources on the prospects that are most likely to convert thanks to the company’s predictive lead scoring feature.

Empowered by an arsenal of data, marketers can create and deploy more effective marketing campaigns with personalized, segmented marketing. Marketers can then offer more personalized marketing content to those prospects through segmentation.

High-performing marketers are four times more likely to use predictive intelligence according to an April 2016 study of 4,000 marketers by Salesforce. 

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