Why Tech Providers Need to 'Step Up'

The companies providing technology platforms for programmatic advertising really need to step up their game, especially where newer media formats are concerned, Rich Sobel, SVP, Programs & Services, Publicis Media—Data, Technology, and Innovation, tells the OMMA Programmatic audience during the panel “Programmatic Inventory: New Formats, New Day?” 

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  1. Kelly OShea from ClickTicker, LTD, September 30, 2016 at 4:16 p.m.

    This rings so true.  Honestly - the biggest issues our clients would face is the reporting delays.  That is why patented live, real time, streaming reporting.  How can you optimize "in real time" if you are not getting your data as-it-happens?

    That said- new media formats will present new challenges and new problems, solved.  We feel the critical component will always be the real time transparency to how/what/where/why your ad initiative is performing... the sooner you have your arms around this data- the sooner you can react.  We strive to make reporting analytics less reactionary and more proactive.

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