NEW! Meet Pixel, A Phone Made By Google

Google launched a phone, dubbed Pixel, in six major markets, including Australia, Canada, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since the brand name is synonymous with a search bar, a 60-second intro ad, created by Droga5, changes the shape of the search bar to that of a phone.

"Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google," begins with two kids, staring at an unknown object. They defer to Google to find out what said object might be. Viewers throughout the ad watch the iconic search bar shape hide varying objects, which the viewer can figure out on their own. There's a telescope, limbo bar, highway and new baby hidden from viewers, but what's clear to them is the changing shape of a the search bar, which goes from long and thin to a chunkier rectangle or the shape of a phone.

"Life By You. Phone By Google," closes the video, as hidden faces and objects are revealed. The phone can be preordered at



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