Bing Rolls With Expanded Device Targeting

Bing's strategy to get more advertisers to run paid-search and shopping campaigns across its network of sites seems to be working. The search engine has been running a page on its domain asking advertisers what type of functions they want to see next. Marketers suggest the feature and others vote on it.

When the "Featured Suggestions" reach a certain amount of votes, the Bing team goes to work implementing the feature.

The latest addition: Expanded Device Targeting. This feature became possible after KirK Williams, founder of paid-search agency ZATO, suggested the ability to run separate bid adjustments to be set for each device from -100% to +900%, similar to Google.

Bing announced on Tuesday Expanded Device Targeting, which aims to give advertisers more control in their audience-targeting strategy by making it possible to set individual bid adjustments by device type such as PC, tablet and smartphone.

Marketers also want to bring Bing Ads to Poland, according to the 163 votes on the site. The voters would like to have the option of serving ads in Poland in Polish, according to Sascha and Pawl Bielawski, who both commented on the post.

Getting feedback from marketers to build out Bing features and services isn't new, but it does show that the tactic works.

"With these new controls, you can segment by device to tailor your ad messaging specifically for them," writes Nan Li, Bing program manager. "When importing campaigns from AdWords, negative PC bid adjustments will be automatically adjusted to 0%, as it’s not supported in Bing Ads today."

Click-to-call-only ads were also suggested back in January. This suggestion received 130 votes. Search experts say they want call only ads, especially for mobile campaigns, that go directly to a phone number. 

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