Targeting Both Household Influencers And Buyers Increases Conversion 211%

Rocket Fuel, a programmatic marketing platform, on Tuesday announced the launch of the Rocket Fuel Institute (RFI), which will be periodically releasing research on data-driven marketing insights.

The first study from RFI focused on the lift in conversion rates -- by 211% overall -- when various members in one household are targeted with the same ad.

RFI measured the lift through cross-device identification and machine learning technology, but found the strategy of targeting both the buyer and influencer within a household proved more effective in some sectors than others.

With a travel and lodging ad, the probability of conversion rose 1,993% over the control, when no one in the household is targeted. Sole influencer exposure increased conversions by 247%, and when only the buyer was exposed, conversion rates increase 1,039%.

Home and garden ads had similarly meteoric increases when targeting either or all individuals in a household, while other industries had less luck.

In fact, when automotive ads only targeted influencers, the likelihood of conversion decreased by 24%, with buyer exposure increasing conversions by 126%.

As the report concluded, “People within the same household exert measurable and significant impact on each other when it comes to key purchasing decisions and down funnel conversions, particularly in the verticals for travel and home and garden.”

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