NEW! Nature's Bounty Debuts 'Better Off Healthy' Campaign

Nature's Bounty launched a series of TV ads under a new brand identity: "Better Off Healthy." Three TV ads take a look at the future of three people who regularly use Nature's Bounty products to illustrate how taking care of your body when you're younger plays a big role in managing events at an older age.

One guy takes probiotics to help digestion and his gassiness. Wherever he gets stuck, whether it be a crowded train elevator or an air duct, his future self is thankful. A woman takes fish oil for her heart and also runs and eats a healthy diet so her future self will be prepared for any potential challenges. Future self warns the woman not to marry a man named Dan, who coincidentally just introduced himself to the woman.

The final ad, my favorite, features a woman looking to improve her hair, skin and nails with Nature's Bounty supplements. After 30 days, her skin glows, her hair is lustrous and an office meeting gets more interesting when a faulty air vent, coupled with a co-worker's music taste, turns the woman into a supermodel... kind of. Droga5 created the campaign.



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