Facebook Pushes 'App Remarketing' For The Holidays

Heading into the holiday season, Facebook is hoping brands will consider “app remarketing” on its platform.

Simply put, the strategy is being sold as an opportunity to build custom audiences based on the actions customers take -- or in some cases, haven't taken in a while -- in your app.

This should create a segmentation that works to reach the right customers with the right call-to-action, such as a message reminding them to complete a purchase.

Another approach to app remarketing that Facebook is pushing is with dynamic ads.

Dynamic ads capture intent signals to automatically promote specific products from your app, which users have browsed or added to their shopping cart -- but never purchased.

For example, if a customer looked at a certain product in your app, the feature allows you to use dynamic ads to show them that product -- or a complementary one -- via Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network.

With deep links, Facebook is promising that your ads will take customers straight to a product page, rather than opening on the homepage. The point of this is obviously to remove friction for customers, and increase the likelihood of them completing the action.

This shopping season, the social giant expects 40% of all purchases to occur on a mobile device.



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