NEW! The Sound Of Breaking A 108-Year-Old Curse Is Priceless

The sound of breaking a 108-year-old curse is deafening. Just ask anyone near Wrigley field the night of game 7 of the World Series. Fans outside the ball park cheered so loudly when the Cubs won in Cleveland that they broke the 100-decibels mark and were heard from a mile away.

Mastercard created a 60-second video that highlights the support and fandom felt by the Cubs. Interviewed outside Wrigley Field, folks young and old describe their love for their team. One emotional moments came from two sisters holding paper face masks of their deceased grandmother, a lifelong Cubs fan. They promised to take her to a Cubs' World Series game and they did.

Once the Cubs officially won, a MasterCard-branded decibel reader showed the Cubs crowd went past 100 decibels, a priceless level.

McCann XBC created the campaign.



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