Adelphic Partners With Integral Ad Science On Pre-Bid Targeting For Cross-Channel Campaigns

Mobile and cross-channel demand-side platform (DSP) Adelphic on Monday announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) allowing Adelphic customers to verify, optimize, and analyze their mobile-first and cross-device ad campaigns using IAS’s solutions for pre-bid targeting across viewability, ad fraud, traffic ad quality, and brand safety. IAS is a provider of  verification, optimization, and analytics solutions.

Ad buyers have increasingly demanded third-party verification to ensure transparency, since verified delivery of high-quality ad impressions is important to advertisers. “The combination of IAS’ pre-bid verification with Adelphic’s cross-channel media platform allows for quality and transparency controls before an impression is even delivered to any audience across any device,” Gina Kim, head of partnerships of Adelphic, told Real-Time Daily via email. “The partnership will offer a check earlier in the programmatic workflow to prevent questionable impressions and will assure brands that their messages are being seen by the right audiences."

Verification features from IAS that are available through the Adelphic platform are for display, video, and mobile in-app advertising inventory. For display, features include viewability, fraud, brand safety, and ad quality. For video, the platform will offer ad fraud and brand safety capabilities, and for mobile, it will offer brand safety.

The industry has made transparency through viewability and fraud protection solutions a priority, Kim said. Integrating the IAS solutions into its platform will enable Adelphic customers to target before their campaign runs. It aims to improve ROI and ensures ads are being placed precisely where, when, and how they’re supposed to appear.

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