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What Does Donald Trump's Victory Mean For Advertisers?

The advertising industry is pondering what a Trump administration means for at least two issues: privacy and taxes. Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns. "Under the current Democratic administration, the industry has faced an onslaught of new rules, such as data privacy protections, as the ad and media industry become more digital and advertisers find new ways to target consumers with more precision," the Wall Street Journal reports. "A more hands-off Republican administration is typically good news for advertisers that enjoy tax deductions and rely on consumer data," the Journal reports. The FCC introduced a new privacy ruling that suggests that advertisers will need consumers to opt in in order to gain access to consumer data. In addition, currently marketers can write off advertising expenditures in the year they're spent. However, a new "proposed law would require that 50% is written off immediately, with the other 50% written off over 10 years," a cost that would place a burden on advertisers, according to the Association of National Advertisers.



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