NEW! Promotes Serious Relationships With 'I Met Someone'

The moment your introduce your family to the person you're dating is the moment casual dating becomes a serious relationship.

The latest campaign for Match, "I Met Someone," seeks to capture that moment, when people decide it's time to tell their inner circle about the new person in their life.

The 30-second spot features friends out for coffee, a single mom eating ice cream with her kids, a man on the phone with his mom, a woman getting a ticket and a woman at a family dinner. Each one has exciting news to share, telling others that they met someone. Even the woman getting a ticket. I've never seen someone more happy to receive one. When love is in the air, a $200 ticket is like a warm, gentle breeze.

"When you're ready for something real. you're ready for Match," closes the ad, created by SS+K.



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