NFL National TV Ads Down Slightly, Major Declines In Viewers

Though NFL viewership continues to take overall double-digit percentage drops through 11 weekends of the season, national TV advertising spending is down only slightly.

Through November 20, $1.95 billion in national TV advertising has been spent across all NFL TV networks, down 2% from the $1.99 billion over the same time period a year ago, according to

One continued major difference -- the virtual disappearance of sports fantasy leagues, such as DraftKings and FanDuel (which recently announced a merger), due to state decisions against the companies as gambling entities.

A year ago, this sports entertainment category spent $152.7 million -- with FanDuel spending a NFL leading $69.8 million.

This year, through November 21, Verizon has been the top NFL advertising. It has spent more so far, making up for some of the sports-fantasy league declines -- $93.7 million so far versus $57.6 million a year ago.

After Verizon this year, GEICO is at $52 million; Toyota, $51.7 million; NFL, $47.6 million; and Chevrolet, $42.1 million.

Automotives are at $452.3 million in 2016 versus $443.4 million a year ago; electronics/communication services, $155.7 million ($111.4 million in 2015); restaurants, $129.8 million ($142.7 million); electronic mobile devices $111.1 million ($88.2 million).



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