NEW! The Salvation Army Uses Facebook's 360 Image Feature To Illustrate Hidden Poverty

Salvation Army launched "Poverty Isn't Always Easy to See -- Especially During the Holidays," a social media and TV campaign depicting families living in poverty in plain sight.

To encourage donations, Salvation Army Canada used Facebook's 360-image feature to show how a closer look at a happy family life can find cracks in the facade. Facebook posts initially resembled sweet holiday cards. Using the 360-image tool allowed viewers to move to other parts of the card, which happened to show each family's house. Lamps were missing lampshades and bare, extremely minimal necessities were found throughout the home.

The TV ad is similar. Viewers first see a home in need of repair and a stressed mother looking at a late bill. She sits between her two kids and does her best to smile for a Christmas card.

Grey Canada created the campaign and MediaCom handled the media buy.



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