BIZ DEV: GEM Advertising Awarded Project Work For Hawk-Eye Innovations

GEM Advertising was awarded project work for Hawk-Eye Innovations North America, a wholly owned LLC of Sony Electronics. The agency is tasked with creating materials for Hawk-Eye's baseball coaching software (SMART Coaching). GEM will develop logos, collateral marketing pieces and produce a :30–:45-second sizzle reel that demos the key software components.

Hawk-Eye developed vision processing technology that enables people to not only track balls to mm accuracy, but also players and cars.

"Given GEM's focus on innovative technologies, we are very excited to be working with one of Sony's most technologically-advanced brands in sports entertainment," said Peter Kozodoy, chief strategy officer of GEM. "Providing Hawk-Eye with the assets it needs to be more successful in winning new business will be both fun and challenging as we aim to strengthen the brand's impact here in the U.S. market."



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