NEW! Boy Wins Girl's Heart With Butter In Ad For KerryGold

Kerrygold launched a new brand platform for its line of Irish butter and cheeses. "Made for this Moment" illustrates life's simplest moments as the best ones. The first ad under the new platform features a boy with a crush -- and the important role butter plays in getting the girl.

A bored schoolboy is instantly infatuated with the "New Kid," especially when he learns she's from Ireland. The boy immediately visits the library and takes out books on Irish love poems, flowers and history. He tracks down Irish flowers growing in a field and, when he passes a Kerrygold store display, he picks up some cheese and butter.

The plan is put into motion at lunch the following day when the boy surprises the girl with a tray of cheese, bread and butter, flowers and love poems. Energy BBDO created the campaign.



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