YuMe Releases 360 Degree Video Ad Format For Immersive Ad Experiences

Audience-technology firm YuMe on Monday launched what it’s calling an “immersive 360-degree video ad format.” The unit aims to offer consumers the ability to control their interactions with ads by simply swiping or moving their mobile device. 

Among the benefits of YuMe’s 360-degree video ad unit:

--Immersive ad experiences at scale without the need for a dedicated app to view the ad.

--A customizable format that enables advertisers to add their own animated introduction, branded overlays, click to action, and image galleries.

--An Interactive Advertising Bureau-compliant standard ad format that can be viewed on mobile apps via YuMe’s SDK and Celtra’s 360° Video technology.

--New reporting metrics on how customers interact with a brand’s creative. For example, marketers can track the area of the video a consumer viewed throughout the duration of an ad, such as tracking engagement based on where a consumer is looking in the panoramic field of view.



“Marketers are craving new opportunities to authentically engage consumers,” Tripp Boyle, VP of Emerging Platforms, YuMe, told Real-Time Daily via email. “Immersive advertising as a category, which includes mobile 360-degree video, AR [augmented reality] and VR [virtual reality], is poised for take off in 2017. Mobile 360-degree video is the virtual reality on-ramp for marketers, given its ability to scale large audiences.” 

YuMe said the auto, entertainment travel, and retail verticals have strong potential to create stronger bonds with their customers by using the new format.  

The introduction of the unit aligns with bullish forecasts for VR and AR. For example, Digi-Capital forecasts that spend on AR combined with VR could reach $150 billion in revenue by 2020, though AR’s share is projected at $120 billion and VR’s at $30 billion. Deloitte Global forecast that VR will reach $700 million in hardware sales in 2016.


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