Rubicon Project Launches Project Awesome, Giving Consumers Control Over Ads

Rubicon Project on Wednesday announced the private beta launch of Project Awesome, a consumer-centric solution allowing users to control their own digital advertising experience.

Rubicon Project will use its machine learning technology to continually  adapt a user’s ad experience using real-time data, interest profiles and preferred ad categories and creatives. The solution also allows for the blocking -- or “snoozing” -- of certain ads.

Over 1 billion users who are reached by the Rubicon Project ad marketplace will be able to share feedback on the ads they are served, and which they prefer.

"Our vision is to turn advertising into information and provide information as a service to consumers. We want to change advertising for good," stated Frank Addante, CEO and founder of Rubicon Project.

“People recently have been given a choice with ad blockers, but their choice has been limited to either see all ads or block all ads. That's not ideal for consumers, advertisers or publishers and application developers,” added Addante. “Today we're offering a new option, the ability to choose the specific ads and interests that you want to see or don't want to see."

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