Study Finds 88% Of Meal Makers Use Phone As Sous-Chef

It's nearly impossible to sit at a restaurant without seeing smartphone flashes as diners both young and old take pictures of their meals before diving in. Now, as "Food Culture" continues to shift to the mainstream, Havas Media's new study looks at trends and consumer motivations that are reimagining the entire food industry.

Mobile technology and media have become the “sous-chef” for consumers with 88% claiming a mobile device helps guide their eating decisions and is present throughout the cooking/dining experience at home.

Their inspiration for food comes from all over the “menu” of conventional and modern touchpoints and food passions. One in two (51%) say lifestyle motivations drive food choices. And their preferences are increasingly farm-to-table. Two in three (67%) believe natural, organic, and locally sourced items are expected from companies.



Stores can help spark ideas. One in two (51%) say unique in-store activations, notifications and reminders are important to them. These notifications were vital for brands to convey understanding and empathy toward what matters most to consumers and how they choose to eat and feed their families.

Another key avenue for learning about food trends comes from events. More than one in two (57%) say that experiential food events (food trucks, food festivals etc.) are important to them presenting an innovative marketing channel for brands to consider, says the report.

“A consumer’s lifestyle has always had an impact on their relationship with food,” said Peter Sedlarcik, head of Havas Media’s business insights unit. “However, we wanted to dig deeper to learn what is at the heart of a food renaissance and how it’s being driven by media influences.”

Havas Media's "Food Culture” study queried 2400 U.S. consumers online to ask them questions regarding how they perceived the importance of variety, quality, preparation, delivery and other items related to their food. The study aimed to better understand how the “culture of food” influences a consumer's decisions especially those made in the home or during purchase at the store.


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