Spearhead IMC Group, Smaato Close $148M Investment

Beijing-based Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group on Wednesday said it completed its acquisition of global real-time mobile advertising platform Smaato Inc. and Smaato Holding AG for $148 million. The acquisition was secured through a mergers and acquisition fund developed by one of Spearhead’s subsidiaries.

The acquisition will enable Spearhead to use Smaato’s mobile monetization platform to reach one billion monthly unique mobile users outside of China, helping Chinese brands to run international mobile campaigns and expand their businesses abroad.

Spearhead offers Smaato a beachhead in China and throughout Asia-Pacific to reach mobile- and app-first markets, and the resources to develop new mobile ad technology, products, and services.

Smaato will largely retain its branding and name, and remain independent within Spearhead.



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