'Family Feud' Scores Top U.S. Syndication Views

Three months into the new TV syndication season, big results continue for Twentieth Television’s “Family Feud.”

It ranks as the No. 1 viewing show in U.S. syndication -- averaging Nielsen 9.91 million viewers from September 5 through December 11 -- up a solid 9% higher than the same period a year before.

“Feud” has usurped “Judge Judy” and longtime syndication leader “Wheel of Fortune” -- both shows coming from CBS TV Distribution.

"Judy" is down 2% to 9.86 million over the same time frame. "Wheel" is down 8% to 9.7 million, while its long-time sister game show "Jeopardy" has lost 6% to 8.9 million. Both "Judy" and "Wheel" posted over 10 million viewers for the same three-month period a year ago at 10.0 million and 10.5 million, respectively.

Among other longtime notable Monday-to-Friday shows that have made gains this year, CBS’ “Entertainment Tonight” is up 6% at 4.7 million and “Dr. Phil” at 8% higher to 4.6 million.



In addition to "Feud," two other game shows that are making moves are Disney-ABC Domestic Television’s "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," which has added on a big 27% to 2.2 million, and Twentieth Television’s "Celebrity Name Game," which is up 9% more to 1.82 million.

Four other returning shows are looking up: CBS' "Rachael Ray" is 2% higher to 1.78 million; Sony Pictures Television’s "Right This Minute," is up 3% more to 1.5 million; Warner Bros.' "Crime Watch Daily" is at 1.3 million; and Trifecta Media’s "Celebrity Page" is up 24% to 425, 000 average viewers.

Some leading off-network sitcoms have lost ground: Warner Bros. "Big Bang Theory" was off 8% to 8.2 million viewers and Twentieth’s “Modern Family” is down 13% to 4.3 million.

Two sitcoms have shown improvements: Twentieth’s "Bob's Burgers" is up 24% to 3.2 million, Sony’s “King of Queens” is up 24% to hit 1.1 million, and Sony’s "Community" has added 15% to 504,000.

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