Google To Launch Podcasts For Agencies Through Partner Program

Google will publish a set of podcasts early next year that will put agencies behind the microphone to share their expertise in digital marketing.

Those who are looking to learn will pick up skills as experts share insights on Google products, agency life, digital advertising, and business as well as what it means to be an agency and how to navigate through the digital world with big ideas and creative thinking.

Alex Langshur, co-founder and senior partner at Cardinal Path, a digital data analytics company, will host the podcasts. As a frequent Google speaker, he has been featured in publications such as Government IT Week, Government Executive and CNN Money, per Google.

Through the partner program, marketers can submit questions and request topics to cover.

During the first few episodes, Langshur will explore topics related to sales, marketing strategy and client management.

The first episode, Turning Leads and Prospects into Sales, will run on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. Langshur will host guest speaker Guillaume Bouchard, CEO iProspect Canada, who drives the agency's vision.

Other guests include Andrew Swinand, CEO of Frequency 540; and Stephanie Rudnick, SVP Global Brand Communications, MKTG.

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  1. Mike Lynn from SPM Marketing & Communications, December 22, 2016 at 5:13 p.m.

    Laurie, sounds great but did you get any sense that they might try to get some guest speakers who would be able to offer some practical advice?  The initial guest list is impressive but are these folks going to be talking at too high a level?  At least a mix of "thinkers and doers" should be considered. 

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