VideoAmp, Immersv Partner To Enhance VR/360 Advertising

VideoAmp announced on Thursday it was partnering with Immersv to connect its user graph to Immersv’s VR/360 advertising platform. VideoAmp clients will have access to 360 video inventory in VR headsets, and be able to run targeted ads on Immersv mobile VR advertising platform.

A demonstration of the cross-screen VR advertising platform will be available at CES 2017.

“The goal of this partnership is to bring VR executions into the fold with other video campaigns, doing so in an automated method that would allow for sequencing creative. Advertisers could promote an upcoming product in a VR unit, then have a follow-up on regular mobile with a call to action -- all this in one buying platform,” stated Jay Prasad, chief business officer, VideoAmp.

The VideoAmp platform’s user graph connects devices and households to viewing behavior, enhancing advertisers’ abilities to plan, buy, package and measure successes of targeted campaigns across broadcast TV, VOD, OOT, desktop and mobile platforms.



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