RAPP New York Gets A New President

Justin Thomas-Copeland has been appointed President of RAPP New York, the Omincom Group agency.

Rick Doerr had previously run the New York office as managing director, but left the agency in November.

The shift comes just about a month after the agency appointed Marco Scognamiglio to the post of global CEO — after a stint as acting CEO following the departure in May of Alexei Orlov.

The new appointment is a sign he is already starting to put his leadership stamp on the agency.

Thomas-Copeland takes on the new role after serving at RAPP’s London office, where he was SVP, Global Chief Client Officer. A member of the Global Leadership Team, Thomas-Copeland was responsible for all of RAPP Worldwide’s global and multinational client engagements and new business strategy.



Scognamiglio commented that Thomas-Copeland “has fostered fantastic relationships with our global clients and done tremendous things for our international expansion and new business efforts in 2016. I look forward to his bringing the same energy and growth to our New York office.”

Prior to joining RAPP Worldwide in 2015, Thomas-Copeland held Managing Director and CEO positions for Wunderman in EMEA. He has worked with brands such as T-Mobile, Nokia and Microsoft.  

Earlier, he served as Chief Digital Officer at Novartis Consumer Health, Europe.



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