Higher Golden Globes Ratings, But Has Anyone Seen The Shows?

On-air TV marketing of TV programs is crucial for economic success. But for critical/award-worthy honors? Not so much -- especially for shows coming from new subscription video-on-demand services.
For example, in a recent poll conducted by Katz Media Group, 71% of respondents “never heard of” this year’s winning Golden Globe Best Drama award -- which went to Netflix’s “The Crown.” In addition, only 5% said they have ever watched the show, while 24% heard of the show, but have never watched it.
Similar results occurred for the Golden Globe Best Comedy winner: FX’s “Atlanta.” Some 69% of those polled never heard of that show. Only 3% have actually watched the show, and 28% have heard of the show but never watch it.
The lowest score among respondents who have never heard of a particular show was tallied for Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” at 83%.
Of the 10 shows nominated for either best drama or best comedy, the best results of those who either know about or have viewed a show are for HBO’s “Game of Thrones, which registered a 94% score. The next best result was for ABC’s “black-ish,” at 82%. NBC’s rookie drama, “This is Us,” came in at 67%.
When it comes to pure viewing -- self-reported -- NBC”s “This Is Us” registered 33% among those polled, while ABC’s “black-ish” was next at 29%, “Thrones” came in at 26%, and HBO’s new drama “WestWorld” came in at 12%.
The Katz study was based on 558 persons 18 years and older, and was conducted January 4-6 of this year.
NBC’s broadcast of the “Golden Globes” on Sunday night tallied 8% more viewers this year, to a Nielsen 20 million -- and 2% more 18-49 viewers to an average 5.6 rating versus the 2016 telecast. That is the second-best result for the event in the last decade.



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  1. David Scardino from TV & Film Content Development, January 10, 2017 at 2:20 p.m.

    For those ignorant of these shows, they don't know what they're missing and that is way, way too bad. Hopefully the Globes will boost awareness. That said, these are high quality shows and the fact that they're largely unknown is irrelevant when it comes to their quaility.

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