Centro Improves Workflow, Communications Features On Media-Buying Software Platform

Centro, a provider of enterprise software for digital advertising, on Tuesday announced new features on its media-buying platform designed to improve the productivity of its service team for agencies and advertisers.

Centro has integrated with major ad servers and the self-service buying platforms of major publishers to automatically access performance data. The move is designed to save time with data cleaning, source merging and report pulling.

In addition, new messaging modules can track communications with publishers and vendors throughout a campaign from a single view, including notifications on request for proposals, insertion orders, tags and performance. 

Running digital media operations for the complete life cycle of a campaign is complex and time-consuming. Common media workflow tasks, such as negotiations, approvals, data collection and analysis, are done through disparate, unconnected systems or tracked in spreadsheets and inboxes.

Many planning and buying software systems agencies use do not adequately unify or centralize these campaign steps. This leads to planners, buyers, campaign managers and analysts spending too much time on mundane tasks and tracking  information from different systems.



Centro's goal is to improve the automation of media-buying workflows, helping media professionals focus on strategy, optimization and client services. The software is designed to unify direct and biddable buying methods to create a holistic campaign planning and execution process.

Among the benefits of the new workflows:

*Consolidation of research, performance reports and billing.

*Bidirectional integration with leading ad servers.

*Integrations with Facebook and Google self-serve advertising tools.

*Access to more than 11,000 contacts across 9,000 properties.

*Improved data ingestion.

“Centro’s technology platform is designed to improve digital media operations by eliminating complexity through the automation of manual activities,” stated Scott Neslund, EVP of client services, Centro. The changes streamline media processes and improve the management of vendor relationships and facilitate billing.

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  1. John Coctostan from Brightroll, January 17, 2017 at 10:09 p.m.

    1. What is the name of this product?
    2. Who are the customers?
    3. What material benefits will this platform provide my business?
    4. I feel like I've read this article several times over the last several years.

  2. Anthony Loredo from Basis Technologies, January 18, 2017 at 10:21 a.m.

    Thanks for the comment. The offering is our digital media full-service buying solution for agencies (holding company and regional independent) and advertisers. Our 2000 customers benefit from strategic media planning, fast execution, smart in-flight optimization and seamless reporting and reconciliation.

  3. Matt Bea from Bullseye replied, February 13, 2017 at 4:07 p.m.

    1. It is basically a DSP (Demand Side Platform). They provide a platform/service for you to use programmatic ad buying, which is a process of automated display ad buying. You still have to set parameters, but the actual buying process is streamlined. They go much more in depth on this page: https://www.centro.net/blog/digital-media-operations-controlled 
    2. Customers could either be agencies, or companies that want to use advertising in-house.
    3. It would help you get more impressions for display ads if you properly use the platform.
    4. You probably have, but that is because Programmatic Ad Buying has been growing every year for the past 5 years at the very least. 

  4. Matt Bea from Bullseye replied, October 18, 2017 at 11:06 a.m.

    1. The product is called Centro DSP ( https://www.centro.net/products/dsp-programmatic-advertising )
    2. It can be either businesses who want to engage in programmatic buying or agencies that are helping their clients do that.
    3. It can provide a better return on investment for companies if they are looking for real-time bidding
    4. That may be the case because these kinds of companies are always making updates to their platforms.

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